Switching Companies While a Claim is Still Open

You can change car insurance companies any time you want, even if you still have an open claim with another auto insurance company. When the switch is complete, your original claim will still be settled by the old insurance company, but any future claims will be with the new company.

For instance, if you were involved in an accident and your insurance company is slow to pay the damage claim or denies payment, you have the option of finding a new insurance company that you feel more comfortable with. You will need to give the old company notice, generally one billing cycle, and then secure new coverage to prevent a lapse in car insurance before the old policy comes to an end.

If your old insurance company denied a claim, you cannot change insurance companies and then submit the same claim again. The responsibility for the old claim remains with the company that it was covered under to begin with. Attempting to file the same claim with more than one insurance company could be regarded as fraud, and carries a heavy legal penalty plus the possibility of making you too high of a risk for most insurance companies to handle.

To find better coverage or lower prices, begin your search online. Use online car insurance quotes to compare more than one insurance company and find the policy that best meets your needs and financial abilities. In many cases, you can even sign up for a new car insurance policy from the same place you find the best deal, allowing you to not only compare the best quotes but simplify the process of getting coverage as well. The Internet has made car insurance fast and easy, allowing you to shop any time of the day or night and eliminating the need to take time out of your busy business day.