Insurance Discounts for Teachers & Professors

Car insurance is a requirement in most states, and it is more difficult to fit into the household budget during tough economic times. For teachers, the best advice is to shop online for more affordable insurance, taking advantage of any discounts that are available. Insurance companies offer a wide variety of discounts, including savings based on how many miles you plan to drive or the zip code you live in. There are even special discounts available for teachers that are not offered to other drivers.

Discounts for teachers are available to both private and public teachers, professors and other academic professionals. In fact, auto insurance discounts are available to anyone with a Bachelor`s degree or better. This makes the discount available to lawyers, architects, and business administrators, and even includes scientists and researchers.

Teachers can also save money on car insurance with discounts based on how far they drive the car each year, the zip code where they live and whether they are single or married. These discounts are standard for all drivers, and include such factors as whether your car is parked in a private garage at night, your credit score, and your driving history.

Special discounts are available to many different occupations in addition to teachers. Firemen and law enforcement officers receive special discounts, along with doctors, nurses and other employees in the medical field. In the same category, government employees from clerks to judges are eligible for car insurance discounts, and military personnel active or reserve are given discounts to honor their service to our country.

Teachers who feel they are not getting the best price on car insurance can find out easily using online insurance quotes. Websites will allow you to tailor your own policy with the coverage you want and then compare the cost among several different insurance companies. Online quotes are available 365 days a year, whenever you want to make sure that you are still getting the best deal.