Insurance Discounts for Police Officers

Police officers are eligible for a number of discounts on their auto insurance, ranging from special discounts offered only to police and other emergency workers to discounts available to anyone, such as a safe driver discount. For insurance companies, police officers represent a lower amount of risk than other drivers, both because they often receive special defensive driving training and because they are constantly present with graphic evidence of what happens when traffic regulations are not followed.

The location where a police officer lives will have an effect on their insurance premiums. An officer who lives in a low crime district will pay lower rates than an otherwise identical officer living in an area where burglary and vandalism are common events. Similarly, an officer who parks their vehicle in an enclosed garage at night will receive lower rates than one parks on the curb. By reducing the amount of risk the vehicle faces, a police officer is able to receive discounts, effectively saving the money required to pay for the additional risk.

Another discount available to all drivers, including police officers, is the discount available to married persons. According to insurance company statistics, married people are safer drivers, posing less of a risk of serious injury or property damage. This allows insurance companies to pass the savings on to the policyholder in the form of discounts that could reduce the cost of a policy by a great deal of money each year.

To find the insurance company that offers the best discounts for law enforcement, online quotes can be a useful tool. Getting a quote online allows you to shop for the best prices without wasting valuable business hours on the phone or traveling from one insurance company to another. Be sure to compare rates from several different companies, and then compare the ones with the best rates to their financial ratings from companies such as A. M. Best company to understand whether the company is going through transitional problems or has a solid rating that can be depended on in the foreseeable future.