3 Types of Bad Drivers

There are many types of bad drivers, and each basic type has many categories of drivers in it, and may overlap other driving types as well. The reason these are bad drivers is because, in each type, the driver is doing something other than paying attention to the rules of the road and their own driving performance. Here are three of the most common types of bad driver, and why they fit the description.

Aggressive Drivers
This type of driver may be speeding down a residential road, or cutting in and out of traffic without even bothering to use their turn signal. To the aggressive driver, everyone else on the road is the problem, not their own erratic style of driving.

Inattentive Drivers
Inattentive drivers may be riding along, deep in conversation with a passenger, complete with hand motions and eye contact. This type of driver may not see that a light has turned red, or that all traffic is being flagged onto a side street.

Distracted Drivers
This type of driver has better things to do than drive a vehicle. He may be shaving on the way to work, and she might be making out a list of people to invite to her wedding, but neither one is paying attention to the road. Constant cellphone users are distracted, as well as those trying to send a text a message.

Try not to fall into any of these groups, and you will be able to save money on your car insurance. Most insurance companies offer discounts for safe drivers who follow traffic rules. Nevertheless, you can always get online quotes from different car insurance companies if you feel like the policy you have costs too much or does not offer the protection you need.